5:45 p.m. Your father’s phone number appears on your phone; without hesitation you reach for your phone. The moment he says your name, you know why he is calling. His voice isn’t firm. It’s full of desperation, of complete severance. He begins to questions your whereabouts – the location, the distance separating you two, and the time of your next visit. As you reply, he sighs, displeased with your answers, and invites you over, now. Then, the moment he has become hopeless surfaces: he begs you with the word please. The sound of his sorrow sends a shiver down your spine. You always thought of your father as the strongest man you know; yet in that moment, he believes you are the only person who can save him.

Upon entering the home, you see him: your father, your best friend, your hero. He’s pacing, scurrying from each dark room to another room. His cheeks are hollow, his eyebrows are scrunched, and his eyes have trouble focusing. He’s confused. Eventually, he stops wandering and aggressively begins looking through his dresser. He dismisses your inquires, and ignores your pleas to follow you to another room. The man who checked under your bed for monsters, who installed nightlights to keep the dark at bay, who comforted you during the loud pandemonium from fireworks, has gone from your fearless protector to your fearful reliant.

Your father’s anxiety is not always easy to administer. Some days you are struggling to determine the cause of the anxious behaviour; some days you are hoping your father would speak of his troubling thoughts. Most days, however, as inconsiderate as it may be, you find yourself wondering how much longer this stress will manipulate you. Feelings of wrath and remorse embark your consciousness. Your mind replays images of your father teaching you how to ride a bike, mow a lawn, and drive a car; they blind your vision, and you feel egocentric.

That guilt feeling penetrating and causing tension in your chest is no other emotion other than love. It is the love for your father, of wanting him to be happy and free, and not knowing what else to offer him. Bella Vita Assisted Living Facility in Tampa recognizes the tremendous dedication you are demonstrating to your father. That being said, when you sense your father’s needs are beyond your jurisdiction, they are affecting your own well-being, it is detrimental to commence the serious conversation of moving your father to an assisted living facility. Bella Vita Assisted Living Facility is staffed with personnel who are willing to provide your father all the coping mechanisms he might need.

While you might feel as if you have failed your father, as if you were unable to repay him for all his laborious days and nights, Bella Vita Assisted Living Facility wishes to inform you that no such disappointment has been made; seeking help when needed is not a sign of weakness, but of strength. It is our mission, at Bella Vita Assisted Living Facility, to provide your father with the same love and affection his child demonstrates.

It would be our honour to welcome you and your father at Bella Vita Assisted Living Facility in Tampa. Drop by at our home at 13202 Lake Magdalene Blvd to meet our specialized staff. Let us provide a tour of our facility and the potential living quarters. Our qualified staff would be content to answer all your questions and discuss Bella Vita Assisted Living Facility services and schedules. At Bella Vita ALF WHERE LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

Should you have any immediate inquiries, please call us at (813) 543-VITA (8482).